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I had the honor of being commissioned by The California Endowment for the Arts, to score ‘Rise Up As One,” a collaboration of video and poetry that tells the story of solidarity, featuring an original poem from Amanda Gorman, which can be found here...

More work to come soon!



I graduated in 2022 from the Los Angeles Academy for Artists and Music Production (LAAMP) as a producer and co-writer. while attending, I studied under the likes of Stargate, NEYO, Cirkut, Emily Warren, John Cunningham, and KOSINE, learning production and writing tips from them all along the way. All produced songs from LAAMP can be found on my "Produced Songs" tab! 

I graduated from California Institute of the Arts in 2020, and developed a passion for scoring visual mediums while there. I shaped my craft by working with film, art and animation students on scoring their films, animations and digital art pieces. 

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“Brandon has grown tremendously in the year he spent at LAAMP. He was already a proficient musician and bass player, but now his production and songwriting is on a super high level. He is a great addition to any session, contributing soulful music and stellar production work. Additionally he is also the nicest guy you will ever meet!”

Tor Hermansen and Mikkel Eriksen of STARGATE,

Producers for NEYO, Rihanna, Sam Smith, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and more

"Brandon has been a pleasure to work with, and has shown great potential as a producer and composer. He seeks out the finer details in a mix, and has a reliable set of ears: the most valuable currency a producer can offer!"

- Adem Hilmi,

Producer for Amy Winehouse and Florence and the Machine

"Brandon is a maker of music with a ringleader quality, a kind of electrifying quality, an ability to make things happen."

- Eyvind Kang,

Composer and Arranger, Performed on Joker Motion Picture Soundtrack

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